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Creating aRipple throughout theWorld

Carolina Charm Salon & Spa has two fantastic locations! 

One of our locations is in the upstate of SC, our Duncan location, which by the way was the first of our salon love! This salon has been serving beautiful hair for over a decade! Most of those years you may have known us by a different name, but now we bring the CHARM as Carolina Charm!

Then there was TWO!! That's right! Our second location, in Myrtle Beach, is newer but defiantly has all the charm of the original! We wanted to expand our brand and keep our unique salon culture. Sharing a bit of upstate charm with the Myrtle Beach area!

Carolina Charm Salon & Spa was not started to be just another salon in town, to just do salon services, but rather, to be different and stand out. We don't just want a client in our chair, we want a guest in our salon. We want to build  relationships with our guests. We want to create an environment that uplifts, inspires, and enriches the lives of the people we meet. 


When you visit one of our salon locations you will feel the difference. We have created a culture of family. Our stylist do life together. We encourage each other, we push each other to succeed, and we celebrate the wins with each other! When you come into our salon you are not just a client, you are family. You will notice all members are friendly and get to know you, not just the one you are working with. You will also notice guests from each chair chatting with each other. The salon will be buzzing with conversation and we absolutely LOVE it! 


If you are out at community events, you most likely will recognize our logo there. We feel like it is our duty to be a part of our community, not just a business in the community. We have been part of fundraisers for food banks, fundraisers for children’s home activities, National Night Out, parades and more. Our ladies love our community and have a servant's heart to serve.   

Vision Statement

To Cultivate a Culture so endearing, everyone exposed to it, desires to become a part of it.

To impact communities we serve to such a degree the residents recognize positive change.

To influence businesses and other entities

work together towards positive change for the greater good of the community.

Mission Statement

To create a culture where these

five types of Greek love 

(Agape, Philia, Philautia, Storge, Pragma) are foundational, embraced, and abound.

A culture in which associates are nurtured to grow and flourish in life and their career.

Create an atmosphere which enriches, uplifts, and inspires the life of every person who comes into our salon.

National Night Out, Duncan

passing out school supplies to the community


Fun in the salon with ALL the time!!

Different Holidays, Different Seasons, you never know what you will walk in to 

Duncan Christmas Parade..

with a new theme every year

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